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the challenge

The HackDay challenge is a French cybersecurity competition for students in higher education. The HackDay is divided into two major phases. The first is a qualification stage, giving access to the final for the first 25 qualified teams.

These two stages are separated by a validation phase, during which contact is made between the participants and the members of the organisation in order to ensure that the selected teams are able to participate in the final, which will take place at the ESIEE Paris engineering school.


Online qualification stage in teams of 4-6 people. The first 25 teams will qualify for the final.


A team that cannot participate in the final will give up its place to the next team in the queue.


Final of the HackDay challenge, lasting 24 hours and taking place within the ESIEE Paris school.

ctf categories

Each stage of the challenge includes 8 different categories of events, allowing participants to get their brains in gear and use all possible means to reach the flags and accumulate the most points.









Special features for the final

Since the final takes place in person, unlike the qualifying rounds, we have included challenges that can only be solved in person! 

This is the case for our Hardware challenges, where you may be asked to work on the design of antennas and electronic circuits, or for the new Social Engineering category, where immersive scenarios will be proposed.

digital Hardware

Social Engineering